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Early 2021 proved to be a sweet spot between me learning enough to develop my own website and my Weebly account subscription expiring. So, when would be a better time to make my own portfolio website?


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In 2018, vice news Tonight, a daily news broadcast, required a set of reusable, iterable After Effects templates for the show's graphics. This ranged from lower-thirds to fullscreen takeovers. In the end, I had created 25 templates, 5 scripts, and 20 custom graphical animations.



In ridikishi, a design-centric space shooter, a sarcastic spacefarer named Ridikishi finds herself stranded in a far away world, with no means of returning home. To seek revenge on the nation at fault, known as Siarki, she installs into her ship an AI system. As this AI system, the player will control the ship, landing on enemy planets to collect fuel and make their way to Siarki. Ridikishi reminisces smaller aspects of design found in video games that added to them a special touch. It emphasizes motion design to demonstrate its use in other industries, such as video game design.