This partially abstract music video animation explores synchronicity to its soundtrack, employing a level of energy that consistently matches the energy of the song itself. The narrative of the animation takes place in a universe dictated by code, as if simulated from a computer. Everything, including animals, land formations, clouds, and even the sun, contains variables and contributes to this code.



The color scheme of the animation is very strict. Every color falls within the 55 colors available, excluding colors formed by motion blur. Of those 55 colors, six are only used in the fox that appears about one minute into the animation, and her red viruses.

The six base colors are based on the colors of a beach, though darker and less saturated. Each color has four tints and three shades. Only one of these colors—the darkest brown—appears in the fox. This separates the fox from the rest of the setting, establishing that she is significantly different from the rest of the animation. Of course, the virus—the red triangles—also belong to the fox’s color scheme, as they belong to the fox.

Basically, the fox’s color palette belongs just as little as she does.
The motion design also follows a palette of sorts. Most shapes in the animation ease out quicker than they ease in, giving them natural, pleasantly paced motion. This is not as consistent and strict as the color palette.

However, the “virus” triangles ease in very slowly but do not ease in. Rather, they begin at a fast speed. Therefore, their movements are much more aggressive and sporadic, further separating the shape from the rest of the animation.


This was one of my first animations created at the Savannah College of Art and Design during my motion design studies. Thus, it contains flaws, such as the slow and generally dull first half. Still, this piece contains shots, frames, and colors that I still have pride in, so I feel it is still important to include in my portfolio.

As this is perhaps my most popular piece, I plan to improve and complete the animation sometime during 2016 or 2017, animating to the rest of the song.