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An animated music video for the teaser of a song of the same name, proselytism evokes imagery of escape, personifying a triangle that breaks from its restraints and explores various environments, only to once again be captured.​

MrSuicideSheep Network ID

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The visual style of the service exists through the art and typography displayed in its YouTube videos. The art displays fantastic scenes that compliment the music. Therefore, the network ID includes digitally painted landscape scenes and animated subtle motions within them. Hosted music from TheSuicideSheep plays in the background, matching the mood of its accompanying scene. Subtle glitch effects and radio-like tuning will transition one scene to another, implying the digital electronic music background as well as the idea of music discovery.

I’m Reading A Book


This kinetic-typography music video for i'm reading a book is appropriately humorous and assertive, treating the subject with ironic gravity. The animation combines 2D and 3D elements to create a more tangible aesthetic.​



This partially abstract music video animation explores synchronicity to its soundtrack, employing a level of energy that consistently matches the energy of the song itself. The narrative of the animation takes place in a universe dictated by code, as if simulated from a computer. Everything, including animals, land formations, clouds, and even the sun, contains variables and contributes to this code.