Tweetcart: Wind Turbines

My first tweetcart!

A tweetcart is a Lua script that can run in Pico-8 and fit within a single Tweet, with 280 characters or fewer.

--181122 #tweetcart
l,o=line,rnd()::_::srand(o)cls(13)rectfill(0,72,127,127,15)for i=3,6 do d=i^2/36 x,y,h=16+rnd(96),72+d*32,48-d*32 n=x+y*d v=n+t()/6 for j=1,3 do c,s=d*cos(v),d*sin(v)l(x,y,n,y,9)l(n,y,n+48*c,y+12*s)l(x,y,x,h,7)l(x-d,h,x-d+12*c,h+48*s)v+=1/3end end flip()goto _

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